Parent Power

Put the power in parents' hands and allow them to book online.
Allow the flexibility for you and for parents to manage their own bookings without the administration at the school.

Stay In Touch, Stay Flexible

You don't even need to think about it thanks to our scheduling tool and reminders that go off automatically. Open bookings and send immediate alerts to parents via email.

Parents will certainly prefer it! They can now easily make, view, and manage their own reservations.

There will be no more no shows thanks to our automated reminders, which will also inform parents of their reservations to avoid any confusion.

You can manually alter your bookings and download registrations, watch as your reservations fly in.

You can choose our fast message option to follow up with people who haven't made reservations in addition to our automated reminders.

Supporting Effective School Communication

With a website that is completely customised to your needs, you can increase parent and guardian interaction and advertise your whole school calendar.