Benefits of the digital newsletter builder

Responsive Designs

In order to make your newsletter more accessible and mobile-friendly, we will produce responsive designs that allows the newsletter to embed directly into the email.

Designing your school newsletter can be a time-consuming and difficult task which diverts office staff from other important duties. Thankfully OptimSchools offer a professional and affordable newsletter design service for your school or academy. Typically we would design a concept which, once approved by the school, forms the basis of future newsletters, ensuring your school's brand values and identity are protected and communicated in an appropriate manner.

We can also help you to put strategies in place to assist teaching and support staff to submit appropriate contributions to the school newsletter to ensure high quality images and articles are available to our graphic designers.

What Can You Share?

No matter if you are a teacher or a headmaster, you want people informed about the life of your school. One of your students won a competition? Brag about his success as soon as you can! Do you plan to introduce new laws in your school policy? Inform not only parents but also the staff and the whole community. Maybe you are going to organize a charity ball soon? Send a word about this to gain more donors.

  • Upcoming Events
  • Parents' Evening
  • Seasonal Greetings and Information
  • Introducing New Staff Members
  • Booking Clubs and School Trips
  • Support Resources