Giving you the opportunity to share and inform

News items on school websites are a very flexible and practical feature that let your school discuss, celebrate, and advertise all of the wonderful things that happen there. There are countless ways to use the school news function of your CMS, but we've gathered a few ideas here for how to inform and update parents and website visitors

Creating the Best Reflection of your School

Even though you may have a page on your website just for exam results and statistics, parents might not be aware that it has been updated on test results day. One approach to acknowledge the effort of kids is to post statistics for the school in the news section of the school website and to congratulate your students on their accomplishments.

However, student achievements don't end at the school's doors. There are many students that go above and beyond in their free time as well; their deeds are a reflection of your school and should be honoured.

Making the Most out of your New School Website

Our feature packed CMS ensures your school stands out and the bridge between parents and staff is easy to cross especially with our news and blogs function