School Calendar Advancing with Technology

The school calendar is just one more aspect of school websites that has the potential to gain significantly as online technologies develop. However, as website content management systems (CMS) keep up with widely used, developing platforms like Google, Microsoft, and others, there is a rising tide of better, easy integration that is beneficial to school communications.

Currently, no innovation in the world can promise your school's calendar content is completely accurate but our CMS can ensure it is simple to use and connects parents with your schools upcoming events.

User friendly for staff and parents

Nowadays, user-friendliness is required to enter - and should be - not only for your entire CMS package, but especially for the calendar, which is the most used, and most viewed section of your website.

Additionally, "friendly" refers to both the personnel who manage the information and the parents who access it. Look for an interface that is easy to use on a mobile device and is clear, straightforward, and intuitive. All students. parents and staff will be able to use it.

Creative & Effective School Websites

Our creative school website designs with education-specific functionality ensure your website engages effectively with your community and showcases your school's unique values. Ready to find out how you can improve your primary school website design and communications?

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