Fully managed school website

Every day, your school's website becomes the first point of contact for a wide audience of potential parents and students, current parents and students, staff, school leaders, and of course OFSTED to find information about your school. In any industry, managing website content to meet the needs of such diverse end-user groups is a daunting task that is most likely accomplished by a dedicated team.

For most schools focusing on educating is more important and so it is not possible to have people in place taking care of the day to day maintenance of your website. You and your staff are committed to your professions. You're enthused and motivated. But transferring that enthusiasm to the website means taking time and commitment away from your job to update the website. The website needs to be backed up by a system that empowers you to get on with the job efficiently and joyfully, not one that is dated, frustrating to use and is decidedly limited in its functionality. As technology progresses a fully managed school website platform is necessary to help school's grow their school's brand, increase enrolments & improve online community communication.

Security is where everything can go wrong. Online security is of great importance especially for schools with staff already managing other services. A managed service provider will improve the security of your website, thus reducing your chances of falling victim to a data breach or security attack. It saves your websites from cyber-attacks or other security breaches. Not only do they save time, but they also save money, which can be spent for better causes in the school or school trust. You can combine with the fact that having a managed server may remove the need to hire a full-time IT staff, and now you will be astounded at how much money this hosting option is saving for you. It can also provide you with predictable costs-you'll know what to expect each year.

A fully managed school website can ensure the best overall school branding, with up-to-date technology and modern but simple designs we can ensure your website is something to be proud of while also developing for years to come. Visitors will be able to find information with ease and it saves your staff time by providing answers to those commonly requested questions, making forms readily available, letting parents get the information they need quickly and conveniently-just by visiting your school website. It can cut down on phone calls to your office. All this by making good use of that school website and your social media platforms. Exactly. It's just good school public relations and smart leadership.

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